Monday, October 24, 2005

In relation to a southerner...

Following zarathustra's comments here I have decided to write 10 reasons about why Newcastle upon Tyne, contrary to popular belief (unless you're a North-Easterner) is fabulous.

1. Where else has so many iconic bridges crossing one small stretch of river? I speak of course of the Tyne Bridge and Gateshead Millennium Bridge primarily but also of the Swing Bridge, High Level Bridge and rail bridges.
2. The Angel of the North (not technically in Newcastle but close enough).
3. One absolutely fabulous university with an excellent union (Newcastle) and one pretty good uni with a fairly decent union (Northumbria) - no prejudice of course!
4. The Geordies are a very friendly bunch, the accent grates at times but their pretty much decent (unless they lose to Sunderland).
5. A city that is less than half an hour from the seaside and less than half an hour from beautiful countryside and yet has all the advantages of being a city as well.
6. Who else would try and put a metal slug looking building on the Quayside and then call it a music centre? Plus then hold a Labour party conference in the centre?
7. It snows every winter, you don't have to wish for snow, you get it from December to March every single year.
8. The Great North Run is the world's biggest half marathon and starts in Newcastle!
9. The Tall Ship's Race stopped off here in the summer, the only in the port to receive them.
10. Party capital of Europe.

Need I say anymore?

Monday, October 17, 2005


I was tagged by Cat, so I am posting to tell you 20 random facts about myself and then apparently I have to tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes me to write the facts. Although it seems as if most of my 'obvious' people to tag have in fact already been tagged, but I'll tell you the facts anyway.

Time now: 15:10. May I begin...

1. I have a younger sister who is at Art College and a younger step-brother & step-sister (on my Dad's behalf).
2. I am technically half Russian and half Swiss but I hold British Citizenship and due to this had to lose one of my nationalities, but I chose to give both of them up so am now fully fledged British.
3. I skipped all of my lectures today, except my 9am because that was teratology (the effects of drugs in pregnancy) and interested me.
4. I have to see the Primary Care Mental Health Worker at my GP's surgery tonight to find out if I have been referred to the psychotherapy department.
5. I haven't cut myself for 8 months and one week exactly.
6. I can't decide whether to tell mental health professional mentioned in (4) what happened this weekend (which is that I took a large amount of zopiclone & Nytol on Saturday night to knock me out, which worked but I still feel extremely groggy now).
7. I have still to see my dissertation mentor, whom I was meant to see in the first week of term (it is now week 3).
8. I don't have any pets since my cat died earlier this year but I would love a siamese kitten in the flat.
9. I have ginger hair and blue eyes.
10. I am 5ft3, or about 1m 62cm.
11. I like having ginger hair as it makes me different.
12. I am sitting writing this whilst looking out at the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.
13. I still have a great urge to qualify as a medic but am leaning more towards post-graduate study in toxicology.
14. Despite being half-Russian I cannot write, read or speak a word of it.
15. I can however speak French fairly fluently.
16. I have moved round the country an awful lot and do not feel as if I 'belong' to any city.
17. I took myself off my medication over the summer, and don't seem to have noticed any difference.
18. My favourite animal is a puffin.
19. The last book I bought was "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" by Mitch Albom
20. My birthday is April Fool's Day (1st April).

Time now: 15:18

I don't think I'm going to tag anyone, mainly because all my friends/blogs I read have been tagged by other people :(

Friday, October 14, 2005

The illicit fun of pharmacology

Finally I have the time, energy and inclination to post on here. Sorry it has taken so long. I am back at uni and just finished the second week of lectures which has proved to me that this year does involve one hell of a lot of work, and on top of all of that I have to start looking for a job. Although I seem to have solved that problem for mysef as I think I'm going to go onto post-graduate study in either medical toxicology (I'm taking toxicology as a module this semester and it's the only one I'm really enjoying) or try and get onto the post-grad medical degree scheme. Either way, I'm still stressed.

Should have gone and seen my dissertation mentor this week but I didn't because I'm scared of him. Not in a practical way, he is a lovely guy and is most knowledgeable but I'm scared of seeing him as I don't appear to have done that much work for my research project, the title of which is the most thrilling The usage and effects of psychtropic medication in depressive disorders which is going to include a part on the role of psychtropics in poisoning (well it has to be related to pharmacology in some way. I have to see him at some point as I need to get some more info on things and he has to approve my questionnaires. Questionnaires I hear you ask... well I'm not relying totally on NHS/Dept. of Health stats, instead I've roped in some members of the public (namely people who attend the local mental health outpatients department and patients of the Regional Drugs & Therapeutics Centre plus some very kind friends who have offered to help) to give me a patient perspective on the true side-effects/adverse reactions etc of these drugs.

It's all very fun... repeat after me... it's all very fun.

Maybe if I keep teling myself it I'll start to believe it, or does that count as turning delusional? I don't know.

Well I'm going to go now but I promise more posts from me as of now because I got broadband installed at home now so I think I may be online every waking moment of the day now!