Thursday, September 21, 2006

Holidays = washing & ironing

Sorry for the rather long pauses between posting but I've been on holiday for the past 2 weeks. The first week I travelled round Spain, well I saw Barcelona, Seville and Madrid and the second week was spent in Cadiz on the beach with my Mum. It was lovely to get away and to be in the sunshine after such a damp August. However, have come back to piles and piles of washing and ironing which is not so fun.

Job hunting has ceased for a while whilst I put my 'thinking cap' on and decide what I really want to do rather than clutching at straws. Although I take the view that if you clutch at so many straws, surely after a while one of them has to be the right one. Unfortunately, so far, this isn't the case.

It is so sad to hear the news about Richard Hammond. I am a great Top Gear fan and Richard (or hamster!) is one of my favourites on the show. I hope he makes a good and speedy recovery. Leeds General Infirmary is a good hospital and I am sure they are doing everything they can.